You Can Be Rich! (Watch below).

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In this ebook you will learn.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - It all begins with me.

Does money have power over us?, Need or Want?, Getting balance between now and the future and each chapter has a recap of the principles and worksheet to work through.

Chapter 2 - You can be rich.

How do you see money?, You can be rich, A little money, a long time and education, How much money do you waste?

Chapter 3 - What’s the numbers?

What’s coming in?, Look ahead, What’s going out?

Chapter 4 - Making money from bills.

Saving money on bills, Get your services for less, Credit cards and direct debit.

Chapter 5 - Have money and eat well.

How to eat well and save money, Using what you have, Buying in bulk,
Watching and learning patterns.

Chapter 6 - Dominos.

A useful debt reducing tool, Dominos - watch them drop, Don’t give up too soon.

Chapter 7 - Saving for the future.

Principle – 10 - 10 - 80, Always remember to have fun, Direct debit is your friend, It is possible if you just start.

Chapter 8 - Giving and receiving.

Not everything costs money, The win-win principle.

Chapter 9 - Discipline.

Discipline works for you, Good practical choices, The big picture laid out, The Holistic Approach.

Chapter 10 - Worksheet examples.

Investing in this ebook is an investment on your future because you can learn